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According to recent statistics, the incidence of Autism diagnoses in US is on the rise. Since 2000, the number of diagnoses has more than doubled.

Autism is a label that is often misunderstood. With our modern understanding, the term refers to diverse set of individuals who possess a wide range of skills and personality traits.

With our modern understanding of Autism, we know that this diagnosis can only highlight an individual’s immense talents.

Expandability trains singularly-talented individuals on the Autism spectrum, and will connect you with qualified and driven individuals who can help transform your business.

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Teach – In order better create an inclusive environment that will be successful for new hires and current employees alike, we offer employer training programs. These programs provide disability awareness, and can be tailored to fit managerial groups or to fit overall workgroup training.

Connect – While people on the autism spectrum have distinct needs, they can be quite talented to fill roles you may find hard to fill and improve the diversity of thought and inclusive culture in your organization.

Support – Managers and mentors will liaise on your candidates performance and progress, ensuring that the manager has all the information he or she needs to help understand and support new hires.

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Now Employed

There was a psychological benefit to the Autism Advantage program beyond the training. It was in all the companies who came in to coach. Companies saw something in us and seeing that they were interested in recruiting from our class really brought my confidence level up.” Morris, who holds a computer science degree from Providence College and a teaching degree from Columbia University, had struggled to navigate the corporate hiring process before joining the Autism Advantage program, relying instead on a patchwork of jobs such as rental property maintenance.

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Joyce is a parent who has been with my son through many disappointments, including ineffective autism programs,” said Joyce Fiaccone. “So, I wanted to express my appreciation for Expandabilty’s Autism Advantage program.” Fiaccone’s son, Daniel, will now join Morris and fellow graduate Ben McGahee in Dallas after all three accepted positions with EY. “It was a valuable experience that translated into a huge opportunity for Daniel, as well as for Chris and Ben. I know EY is very invested in making their program a success. So, I’m assured that all three are now in great positions to develop meaningful careers”. Her son Daniel agreed.

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Now Employed

Trust issues have been an obstacle for me, I never had a real friend until middle school, so I learned to keep to myself. By your mid-30’s most people are more focused on their careers, so it can be even harder then to make connections. In the Autism Advantage program, we get a place where we can just be us. That gives us the space to relax and dig deeper into our personal strengths. I discovered that I’m actually a great presenter and I’m good at public speaking. I now know how to personally pitch myself!

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Now Employed

This Program advocated for me and the others in the program in a way that touched me deeply. The program got me my current position and helped me develop the knowledge and the strength to go after others!

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Confidence, self-worth, accomplishment. Expandability gave my son the opportunity to experience all of these. Diagnosed on the autism spectrum as an adult at age 27, Peter spent his life up to that age struggling to find a way to use his considerable intellect in college and workplace environments that were hostile to the way he is made. Expandability’s focus on finding and nurturing the gifts in each participant, and in teaching tools and techniques tailored to navigating the neurotypical world, were exactly what Peter needed at this point in his life. He said: “Expandability has changed my expectations from getting a job to having a career

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Hiring Manager at EY

Through our initial pilot, EY found that supported autistic employees contribute equally alongside co workers. Their experience allows them to offer their teams innovative solutions and creative insights that would have otherwise been left undiscovered. From a business perspective, it is a strategic measure that increases productivity and reduces operating costs. We are fortunate that programs like Expandability’s Autism Advantage, allowed us to seamlessly hire qualified talent. Their advanced work skills, professionalism, and enthusiasm to work, are ideal employee attributes.

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President of Chargeback.com

After visiting the class I was impressed with the students' analytical abilities. We offered one a position as an analyst in our Operations group. She impressed us as a quick learner and excelled at that role. Not long after, she expressed interest in a new Sales Development Specialist role we created. This combines research and analysis with some client interaction to generate and qualify online sales leads. She's since transitioned to that new role and continues to impress with her abilities, work ethic, and ambition. I'm very impressed with the Autism Advantage program. It really prepares the students well to hit the ground running and contribute in a real work environment.

Program Champions

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