The Opportunity

Youth with disabilities who receive SSI benefits are more likely to remain on benefits as adults instead of entering the world of work. The potential impact of this fact is that adults who subsist on SSI will live a life of poverty with few to no choices about their basic human needs. CaPromise is an early intervention program that may make a huge difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities as well as offer a great reduction in the tax burden.

What is CaPromise

CaPROMISE was designed to address the primary barriers to successful employment for transitioning youth with disabilities on SSI. This project identifies youth ages 14-26 who are SSI recipients and instructs their families on how they can self-advocate to receive usual typical services plus PROMISE augmented services.

At the end of our 6 year involvement, we help the family transition off of SSI, and into greater self-sufficiency.

CaPromise Partners

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