Expandability Success Story – Clearblue

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Expandability Success Story – Clearblue

Clearblue“There are a lot of stories about the origin of my name, but the most credible one is simply that my mom’s a hippy and I’m half Native American.” This endearing explanation is an example of Clearblue’s funny and warm personality, which is an asset he will bring to any employment opportunity.

Clearblue is a satisfied client of Expandability’s new Staffing Service. His job placement process started in 2011, when Clearblue began searching for work on his own and found it difficult to find any form of employment. In 2013 the Department of Rehab, Capitola, connected Clearblue to Expandability. He worked primarily with Jim Heuther, who served as Clearblue’s contact between Expandability and his potential employer.  Jim quickly added Clearblue to Expandability’s database of eager and qualified job seekers who desire part time employment, and Clearblue’s qualifications and positive attitude lead him to a placement at University of California, Santa Cruz. Since then, Clearblue has continued to impress, and his part time contracts have been extended many times.

Clearblue has his bachelor’s degree in Greek and Latin Literature and an MA in the Classics from the University of Arizona, Tucson; but had felt “burnt out on school” and the academic world until finding work at UCSC.  With his job he is able to work in a university setting in a new way, not as a student or teacher, but as a valuable staff member.

At UCSC, Clearblue wears a lot of hats, and it is the diversity of his job that keeps him interested and allows him to continually evolve and expand his skills. He juggles many projects at once, such as organizing online records for the human resources department, web development projects, creating accessible PDF forms for the visually impaired, and creating and managing social media content for the university.

Clearblue is proud of what he has accomplished at UCSC. Now coming to the end of his latest contract, Clearblue is beginning to search for new employment and says that he would definitely work with Expandability again. He explains, “before I got hired by Expandability, I thought I was un-hirable.” His job placement through Expandability’s revamped staffing service allowed him to see a world of possibilities and potential accomplishments, and Clearblue is confident that he will find a new job with Expandability’s help.


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