Expandability Success Story – Eddie

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Expandability Success Story – Eddie

EddieEddie had only three classes left of the required courses he needed to achieve a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  Then his school, Heald College, closed unceremoniously.  Eddie was devastated, and felt he had nowhere to turn.  He was assessed at the Department of Rehab for clinical depression, and as a result was connected with Expandability to utilize Deborah Hanson’s expertise. Eddie explains that although his depression can be crippling at times, he has always been eager and interested in finding work, and especially in finding a career path that will utilize the experience and knowledge he gained as an undergraduate.  Although he was unable to receive his diploma before Heald College shut down, Deb encouraged Eddie to move forward and to emphasize his advanced education rather than downplay it.  With a concentrated focus on building a strong résumé and cover letter, Eddie began to feel more confident about his skills, education, and abilities.

Just three months after working with Deb at Expandability, Eddie landed an interview with the first job he applied for. The interview opportunity was daunting, and Eddie had concerns about speaking with people he didn’t know. To Deb, these worries were clearly just manifestations of Eddie’s low confidence, so she set up mock interviews for Eddie to practice and gain positive reinforcement.  He describes these practice interviews with pride, and says that Deb was impressed with his ability to communicate smoothly and professionally.  It was obvious that Eddie was ready for his interview. Thanks to Eddie’s newfound confidence and hours of preparation with Deb, he was offered the job.

Eddie is excited to begin work as a Call Center Representative at Gulf Coast Enterprises.  He feels ready to work in an office environment where his business administration skills will be helpful, and was pleased that his experience and courses on various computer programs will serve him well in this position.  Eddie is thankful for the connection he gained with Deb, who he admires greatly.   He is extremely grateful for the support and guidance that Deb offered him, and believes that as her client he gained invaluable confidence that allowed him to recognize his worth as a viable member of the workforce and land him a great job.

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