Expandability Success Story – Louis

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Expandability Success Story – Louis

LouisLouis is hopeful that he will find a job, thanks to the support and guidance of Deb Hanson, an Employment Specialist at Expandability. With an interview on the books and his resume ready to go he feels confident and is thankful to Expandability for helping him reach this positive attitude towards his search for employment.

Louis was referred to Expandability through the Santa Cruz Department of Rehab back in 2009, but as he is currently looking for work near his new home in Salinas, he has had to adapt his job search accordingly. This change of location is how he became Deb’s client, who specializes in job placement in the Monterey County. The connection he has made with Deb has made all the difference to his attitude and confidence level; Deb’s help has directly influenced his belief that he will find an appropriate job for his next life stage. Louis says that Deb has been there to help me with a lot of stuff. “It’s hard out there so it’s good to have someone helping you.” He explains that Deb really seems to care about him and his success, which has made him feel accountable to her, and this feeling motivates him to work hard and accomplish his goals.

Working together on generating an impressive resume and cover letter has made an impact on Louis and his ability to look for work, both with Deb and on his own. Building a list of references, job searching online, and just getting out there and looking for jobs has pushed Louis to understand not only the process of job-hunting, but also how much he can achieve when he works hard and puts his mind to it.

After gathering his past experience and creating the perfect resume, Louis says that the mock interviews that Deb leads him through are the most helpful part of being her client. Practicing interview skills with an expert like Deb allows him to know what employers are looking for, what they expect, and what will impress them most. All that practice has helped Louis grow in confidence and to work through his nervousness, and now he is prepared and calm going to interviews. Louis says that he has taken to heart everything Deb has told him, from how to project confidence through body language to what’s appropriate to wear to an interview.

Louis is excited to see where his job search takes him, and is confident that he will find a placement that suits his needs. As an Expandability client, Louis feels cared for; he has a true support system that he can rely on. He has happily gained experience and knowledge that will help him in his working life, and he feels ready for whatever comes his way.

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