Agatha Faber

Employment Specialist

Agatha Faber is devoted to helping people achieve their goals and show the world their full potential. With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and 3 years of experience in a variety of roles within the mental health field, she believes that everybody has a chance to improve and succeed. As Employment Specialist for the Expandability Program of GoodWill of Silicon Valley she is responsible for aligning the client’s skills with job positions that value the person with disabilities and their potential to grow and excel. Agatha loves to learn new things every day, especially through shared experience and that’s why she is excited to work with a team where the main goal is to prioritize the person’s abilities to succeed. Agatha also has CPR/First Aid certification. She also loves to read a good book and do craft activities.

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Goodwill of Silicon Valley
1080 North 7th St. San Jose, CA, 95112

Ivon Perez
Manager of Expandability Programs
(408) 869-9267​

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