Chris Hicks

Chris Hicks

Employment Specialist

Chris Hicks recently joined the Expandability team as the new Employment Specialist in September 2022. He has worked his way up the corporate ladder in a plethora of industries, including nonprofit healthcare, housing, and even furniture. In addition to this, Hicks has several years of construction and landscaping under his belt as well. Chris is a team-first employee who enjoys working hands-on with clients in the field. He is highly passionate about helping find gainful employment for marginalized and special needs community members.

Hicks is a future San Jose State graduate finishing up his Bachelor’s in Marketing and has an Associate’s degree in business administration from Evergreen Valley College. Certified in CPR and Mental Health First Aid, Chris is ready to use his extensive background and higher education to provide fruitful opportunities for clients. He finds being an Employment Specialist extremely rewarding as it allows him to further his professional career while serving the community at the same time. Hicks enjoys going to the beach and trying new restaurants with friends. Chris is thrilled and grateful to be a part of the team, and he hopes to be with the company for a long time.

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