Shelley Mae Iglesias

Shelley Mae Iglesias

Employment Specialist

Shelley Mae Iglesias, a recent nurse assistant and behavioral therapist in the healthcare field, is committed to helping others. Shelley Mae is responsible for aligning applicants with specific positions that suit their talents. She is responsible for ensuring that the candidate has the appropriate skills for the job. She continues to show her love for individuals with disabilities by aiding and mentoring them in applying for employment that they are interested in. She believes that by becoming an employment consultant, she will be able to assist people with disabilities in making a positive change in their lives.

Her role includes testing job seekers’ skills, conducting mock interviews, helping applicants create resumes, and overseeing employment retention. They also have to work with their employers to match their vacancies. As part of this team, Shelley Mae is pleased to help build a strong community facing employment challenges.

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