TransAccess is becoming Expandability!

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TransAccess is becoming Expandability!

Continuing a 34-year history connecting persons with disabilities to successful employment, TransAccess has taken a new name: Expandability. The new name will allow us to communicate with new clarity for more immediate impact in our services to employers and to persons with disabilities. Accompanying the name is a new logo suggesting energy and connection. “The new brand reflects a new focus for us, in response to new opportunities we are seeing,” says Patrick Waite, Board Chair.

Expandability connects persons with disabilities to employment in two main areas: our staffing service to employers for permanent and temporary hires, and our direct services helping youth and adults with disabilities to achieve their employment goals. Our staffing service combines an expert team of corporate staffing and placement specialists with our decades-long track record of helping employees with disabilities succeed. In our direct services work, we help clients develop strategies and skills to achieve their employment goals through transition planning, pre-employment, job placement, assistive technology and self-advocacy.

“It’s always been our work to put employment success within closer reach of people with disabilities,” says Maria Nicolacoudis, Executive Director. “We built on that a few years ago when we began formally working with employers seeking to diversify their workforce in strategic ways. Our staffing customers have found that taking an intentional approach to building an inclusive workforce retains their focus on competitiveness, culture, and the overall effectiveness of their organization. For us, serving both employers and direct-service clients is proving a powerful combination, prompting the new name and brand to express our combined focus.”

The name Expandability reflects our long-held core value that every human being has unique ability, talent and worth, despite challenges they may experience in the form of an identified disability. In every aspect of our work we seek to build upon each person’s innate ability, to expand skills and expand opportunities. Expanding opportunity is a theme that also resonates with employers intending to attract and retain highly capable and motivated staff to build effective organizations. “To me the new name suggests people with hidden strengths getting stronger, and teams of people building on their strengths to scale their impact,” observes a human resources director. “I see both the candidate and my company getting stronger.”

A member of our direct-service staff offers this personal perspective. “We accept our clients into the real world, the factual world, and that’s what they appreciate. When clients come to us they may be discouraged, having found themselves defined by their disability. What we do is treat them like regular people, putting a focus on what they can do instead of what they can’t. Finding meaningful work requires some faith in yourself, and our clients find that.”

We believe the name Expandability positions us as a partner to build a dynamic, creative and inclusive workforce of highly capable, motivated and well-integrated individuals. Let’s get to work.

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