The Autism Advantage Program

Expandability exists to provide people opportunities that give purpose and direction.

We do this by helping autistic people find their gifts and realize their potential through employment, and by creating an inclusive environment in hiring organizations to help new hires succeed at their new roles.

We employ a two-pronged approach to ensure that employment is beneficial for hiring organizations and job-seekers alike.


While people on the autism spectrum have distinct needs, they can be quite talented to fill roles you may find hard to fill. For employers who may not have full-time role immediately available, we offer the ability to hire candidates on a fixed-term contractor basis improving their hiring flexibility.


Our 6-week training programs helps candidates learn about themselves and how they can adapt to and operate in a modern environment.

While a job is the ultimate goal, candidates will be better prepared for the workforce and will meet new people, expanding their network.

How You Can Help


Come and share your work experience, provide feedback on candidates work, or just audit the class!


Candidates are highly-talented and deeply loyal, and can offer unique benefits to any role, and to your company's diversity or thought


The generosity of our donors allows us to add different courses or in-class materials for candidates.