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Welcome to the Work Experience Program

At Expandability, our Work Experience is a program where you get to try out different jobs in real workplaces to learn and improve your work skills. It’s not meant to guarantee a permanent job, but it helps you learn things you can use in any job. Designed as a comprehensive learning experience, this program opens doors to real-time work settings, offering a transformative journey for participants aged 18 and above with disabilities by providing the opportunity to complete 100 hours of paid work experience.

During the Work Experience Program, you’ll:

  • Try different kinds of jobs
  • Learn basic work skills
  • Gain confidence and learn how to speak up for yourself
  • Explore different job options
  • Get references from employers
  • Understand how workplaces function and what employers expect
  • Learn specific job-related skills
  • Get paid and learn how to handle money
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Individuals with any form of disability, eager to embrace competitive integrated employment, and who are clients of the CA Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) are welcome to join our Work Experience Program.

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What to Expect

Kickstarting your journey, our Career Service Coordinator collaborates with you, the participant and DOR staff (if available) in a series of meetings. Together, we complete necessary paperwork, crafting the Individual Service Plan (ISP). During this process the participants may invite additional stakeholders—parents, guardians, or representatives—to join the meeting, ensuring a comprehensive plan tailored to individual needs.

The ISP covers:

  • Identifying service needs
  • Establishing goals and objectives
  • Outlining strategies and roles of team members
  • Monitoring progress and service integration

You will also be coach on the following:

  • Creating a professional appearance and mastering effective workplace communication.
  • Resume crafting standout resumes and completing applications, empowering participants to shine on paper.
  • Honing on interview skills, including invaluable practice with mock interviews.
  • One-on-one support tailored to individual needs, ensuring a smooth transition into the workplace.
  • Offering 20+ hours of personalized assistance, our team guides participants through the onboarding process and continues to provide additional support until they master their work tasks.

What Sets Us Apart

At Expandability, our commitment goes beyond job readiness. We cultivate a “growth mindset,” fostering professional development and our client’s social and emotional well-being only of our clients. Our dedicated staff provides comprehensive coaching, emphasizing holistic growth and empowerment.

Join us in this transformative journey towards competitive integrated employment, where empowerment meets opportunity, and potential knows no bounds.

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