Our Mission

Expandability’s mission is to provide support and services that aim to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities by supporting and developing their abilities through advocacy and meaningful employment.

  • First: We listen.
  • Second: We listen.
  • Third: We devise a coaching program suited to our clients’ abilities, goals, optimal learning style, and pace. We promote “a growth mindset” as well as an approach of stabilizing healthy habits.
  • Fourth: We provide pragmatic skills like writing resumes, interviewing,self-advocacy, securing, and maintaining employment; importantly, we also support clients in attaining stability in all life areas: mental, social/emotional, physical. Our emphasis on the acquisition of social-emotional skills amplifies the ability of our clients to successfully retain employment.
  • Fifth: We actively seek and procure internships and employment opportunities that are specific to each client’s abilities and interests. We also assist with on-boarding and coaching as needed to serve the interests of both our clients and our business partners.

Expandability Core Values

  • We believe that people with disabilities who want to work should be able to do so.
  • We believe that people with disabilities have unique challenges to employment that can be overcome.
  • We believe in building self-esteem as a cornerstone of success.
  • We believe that individuals with disabilities are individuals with different abilities that have so much to contribute to the world.
  • We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion for all individuals.
  • We believe in and support a model that focuses equally on staff, clients and businesses.


Expandability’s vision is that people with disabilities will have equal access to competitive integrated employment and training consistent with that of persons who do not have disabilities.

How do we monitor our effectiveness?

We survey both our participants and business partners on a quarterly basis, incorporating their suggestions whenever appropriate.

We regularly check in face to face, either in person or via zoom or other platforms.

We hold ourselves accountable through weekly team meetings where we (through group synergy) find solutions to any problems which may have arisen for either our participants or our business partners.

In addition, Vice President of Mission Services at Goodwill of Silicon Valley, Trish Dorsey, reviews our effectiveness monthly and provides feedback as needed…

And, lastly but importantly, we are ever available to answer your questions if you’d like to learn more about Expandability. We’d love to hear from YOU.

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Ivon Perez
Manager of Expandability Programs
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