Would you be interested to become a volunteer for Expandability programs? We are ready to welcome you with open arms.

Make a Difference and Have Some Fun!

  • Conduct mock interviews to prepare our participants for employment interviews
  • Assist us with administrative and clerical tasks
  • Network with employers to tell them about Expandability and its dependable pool of employees
  • Research grant applications
  • Write grant applications
  • Connect us with potential donors and grant-makers
  • Providing coaching in career development
  • Host an informational party

Why Volunteer?

Reasons for volunteering are as diverse as are the volunteers! For some, it offers the chance to give something back to the community and make a difference in the lives of others. Other people volunteer in order to develop new skills or build on existing skills and knowledge. But whatever the motivation, volunteers are united in finding the experience both challenging and rewarding.

Research has shown that volunteering offers many health benefits, especially for older adults.


  • Improves physical and mental health.
  • Keeps people moving and thinking at the same time
  • Provides a sense of purpose and teaches new valuable skills
  • Nurtures new as well as existing relationships
  • Decreases the risk of depression
  • Boosts increases in physical activity
  • Reduces stress
  • Can even potentially lower blood pressure (Mayo Clinic, 2021)

Why Volunteer Now:

According to Greater Good at Berkeley, the coronavirus pandemic has led to a practice of social distancing, creating feelings of stress and isolation in many of us. Some groups have been hit particularly hard, including the elderly, parents juggling work and child care, and people who have lost their jobs. Against this backdrop, many people have turned to volunteering to help make a difference, even at a distance.

So, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or out of sorts lately, volunteering can be a way to help bring you a sense of control in a stressful situation – a happy side effect of the vital work volunteers do.” (Elizabeth Hopper, 7/3/2020)

To inquire about volunteer positions, you can fill in the form below:

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