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Many people are familiar with Goodwill of Silicon Valley’s retail stores and believe that their revenue suffices to cover all costs associated with the many programs of Goodwill of Silicon Valley.  That revenue provides significant funding to support these programs; however,  additional services are continually being added to serve community needs, and thus shortfalls do occur.  We hope you will consider making a gift of cash, a legacy gift, or an in-kind donation to help us help others. Your contribution to Expandability Programs of Goodwill of Silicon Valley will immediately and positively impact the lives of its participants (individuals 16 of age and older with disabilities) to secure competitive integrated employment in the community.

Expandability’s vision is that people with disabilities will have equal access to competitive integrated employment and training consistent with those who do not have disabilities.

Donate To Support Career Dreams and Career Fulfillment for Those Who Need a Helping Hand!

Your donation of any amount will impact the lives of individuals with a range of disabilities 16 years of age and older by providing them the opportunity to grow and develop professionally and prepare them for future careers opportunities.

17% of the next generation of youth, ages 3 through 17, who will enter the workforce identify as having a physical, intellectual or developmental disability; that equates to approximately 1 in 6 Americans.

The impact of COVID has disproportionately affected workers with disabilities; as of March 2020, 1 in 5 workers with disabilities had been dismissed from employment, compared with 1 in 7 in the general population (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

7.3% of people with disabilities are unemployed according to a 2019 US Department of Labor report – about twice as high as the rate for those without a disability.

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