Ivon Perez (She/Her)

Manager of Expandability Programs

Ivon Perez (She/Her) aims to support each person, significantly those with different abilities, to become responsibly independent and effectively interdependent to achieve meaningful purposes.

In the last 16 years, Ivon has worked with individuals with different abilities through coaching and mentoring, taking a brain-mind approach, considering all life; mental, social/emotional, body, and spirit. She has provided training and guidance to students in a mentor-style relationship to attain personal goals.

Ivon initiated and served three years as the co-chair of the Business Advisory Committee Powered by the South Bay Community Network. The BAC collaborates with multiple community partners (San Andreas Regional Center, Department of Rehabilitation, Local Education Agencies, community-based agencies, and businesses) to increase competitive integrated employment for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in transition through high school and into adulthood.

Ivon has also served as a COVID-19 Recovery Task Force member, an essential part of the City of San Jose Community and Economic Recovery strategy.

As the Manager of Expandability Programs of Goodwill of Silicon Valley, Ivon focuses on the professional development of the program’s participants and her team using a growth mindset approach while expanding various employment programs and services.

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Ivon Perez
Manager of Expandability Programs
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