Juan Galan

Juan Galan

Employment Specialist

Juan D. Galan is our Job Coach here at the Expandability program of Goodwill Silicon Valley. Juan is going on his second year working in social work. He worked as a case manager/job coach, assisting young and elderly adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities find employment, develop educational attainment, create social networks, financial budgeting, medical appointments and resources, and much more. Juan also has experience in administrative/managerial roles, freelance copywriting, and more.

Juan received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Professional & Technical Writing, minor in Environmental Studies from San Jose State University. Juan plans on going back to college to receive his master’s in clinical psychology to be able to help mentally disabled adults and at-risk youth with healing their traumas through holistic practices and procedures. Juan was once a part of the at-risk youth community, so he understands what support systems are needed to empower and guide at-risk children living tumultuous lives.

Social work was not something that was on Juan’s radar as far as careers and positions go but he’s always had a heart to help others and loves seeing the impact he makes in people’s lives. After working in a social services agency, his perspective on mental health has changed dramatically and he’s now very aware of the negligence and discrimination people with disabilities endure. He believes that his upbringing in South Sacramento and East Los Angeles has helped him build great compassion and understanding for mentally challenged youth and knows he has what it takes to help them make wise decisions in life.

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