My Name is Z, this is my story

November 16, 2021by Charles Oreve0

Mine name is Z and this is what I have to say about Expandability:

The program helped me prepare to be interviewed in a more formal style. My Career Services Coordinator helped me answer common interview questions so that I could be more confident and natural when answering any question. I also got to work on creating a strong resume. Before being a part of the program, I did not know that my past work experience at Great America and a retail store could be tailored to the current job that I have today. I learned that we all have transferable skills.

The program was a good fit for me because of the one-on-one interaction. I needed that guidance in order to be where I am right now because no one had worked with me on my job readiness skills. The program also worked with me at my own pace which was really helpful because I did not feel rushed and I did not get overwhelmed. I am the type of person that can get easily overwhelmed with too much information and can get flustered. However, because everything was at my own pace, I was able to process better and take everything one step at a time.

Before participating in the program, I was not unemployed. I was working at a retail store in a field I did not like. This program helped me branch out of the retail field. Before this program, I thought that I would be stuck in retail forever because I lacked the interviewing skills and I just thought that my past work experience was not relevant to be able to do a different kind of job.

I definitely think that the program changed my life because it got me out of retail. Even though I have a Bachelor’s Degree, before being a part of the Program, I never thought that I would be doing a job that I actually enjoy doing. I really like the fact that there is room for growth within this company; I want to become a Trainer; my supervisors think that I would be really good in that position.

I would recommend the program to other people because I am an example of what can happen when you put in the work to better yourself to prepare for the type of job that you want. The program also helped me to be patient with myself because not everything happens quickly, it takes time.

When I received my first paycheck, I was really excited and proud. It was my first time getting such a big check. While working in retail I was only making around $600 per month, working 2 part-time jobs. Now as an Operations Associate, I make close to $3,000 per month as a full-time employee. One of the things I bought with my first check was the new Samsung Note 10+ phone. However, I am saving up to buy a newer car.

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