My Name is Z, this is my story

Mine name is Z and this is what I have to say about Expandability: The program helped me prepare to be interviewed in a more formal style. My Career Services Coordinator helped me answer common interview questions so that I could be more confident and natural when answering any question. I also got to work...

My name is A, this is my story

My name is “A” and I was unemployed for a year before starting Expandability. I had never written a resume before and I wasn’t confident about interviewing. My coach helped me to not be shy in asking questions if I didn’t understand something. I also overcame my lack of “people skills” and became more confident....

My name is N, this is my story

Hi, my name is “N” and I’d like to tell you about Expandability and me! Before I entered the program, I had been unemployed since I was 18. My first job ended when the company went out of business; next I entered a day program, which was never actual employment. Through Expandability, I learned how...

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