My name is N, this is my story

November 16, 2021by Charles Oreve0

Hi, my name is “N” and I’d like to tell you about Expandability and me!

Before I entered the program, I had been unemployed since I was 18. My first job ended when the company went out of business; next I entered a day program, which was never actual employment. Through Expandability, I learned how to write a resume and to interview; they helped me to find a job and then to keep it. I gained independence! My counselor was always there to support me and she also helped me to stay disciplined and focused on my work tasks.

And when I got my first check, I felt really excited and deposited it in the bank; I want to save up so that I can move from my group home and become more independent.

I would recommend Expandability; without it, I would not have this job that I like! I wish there were more programs like it for other people in the population: for example, the homeless who might also need help getting prepared to find a job.

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