My Name is P, this is my story

November 16, 2021by Charles0

My name is “P” and I’d like to tell you about what’s happened to me after I signed up for and completed Expandability.

I think that the program changed my life by teaching me how to find work on my own. It also helped me by becoming more confident in myself. Now I have the confidence to talk to more people and I feel like I open up more compared to before. Now I have made new friends at work and feel more happy.

I was unemployed for 2 years and I felt shy about looking for work, writing resumes and interviewing. My coach at Expandability always met with me one on one with no pressure. So I learned to be more confident, comfortable and professional. The program changed my life; through it, I learned how to work on my own and even have received recognition for my work. What I like about my job is that my managers and co-workers are so supportive and kind. They help me to feel confident and more open to new ideas and people. Before this job, I would stay home with family and didn’t go out much.

When I got my first paycheck, I was so really excited and felt like everything that I worked on through the program had been worth it. I also felt more happy because I felt like my work was worth something. I made a copy of my check and sent it to SSI and then saved the money for a trip to Mexico to see my family.

I would recommend Expandability. It helped me to get a job and to feel confident. My coach helped me learn how to succeed at my job. The program helps people to learn their jobs through job coaching so that they can succeed at work.

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